PPC Management Service Ripping You Off? – Here’s How You Can Tell

There are 6 very important things you should look for when choosing a PPC management service to manage your AdWords campaigns. You need to know exactly what to look for so you can be absolutely sure you're getting your money's worth and not getting ripped off by run-of-the-mill PPC management companies. Research shows that only a small fraction of PPC management companies are doing what it takes to give clients the best possible ROI (return on investment). Below are the 6 things you MUST look for to insure you're not getting ripped off by a so called PPC management company.

Daily Split Testing
Did you know that many PPC management companies are not offering Daily Split-Testing as a regular part of managing their clients' campaigns? Why is this such a big deal? It's a huge deal because anyone involved in AdWords management knows that "Daily Split Testing" is a very crucial step when it comes to reducing a clients click costs. It's is so important that it should be performed once EVERYDAY to a clients' AdWords campaigns. Perhaps many PPC management companies aren't offering Split testing because 1) It's a lot of work or 2) because they charge their clients on a percentage of what they spend in AdWords. (Doesn't sound like much of an incentive to reduce click costs, does it?)

Conversion Tracking
You'd better be absolutely sure that your PPC management company installs conversion tracking on your landing page right from the start. Don't you want to be able to see exactly which keywords are converting for you and see exactly which ones aren't converting for you? How will you know which keywords are successful and which ones are just sucking money out of your wallet? Another great reason to use conversion tracking on your website is so that eventually you can utilize an advanced Google bidding strategy which helps you decide exactly how much you are willing to spend per conversion.

Ad Optimization
Making sure that your ads are optimized for Google is so important. You're going to be paying so much more for your clicks if your PPC management company isn't optimizing your ads. Google likes to see ads that are perfectly relevant to the keyword that was searched on. You need to make sure to find a PPC management company that is taking the time to make all of your ads perfectly relevant to the keyword searched on by writing a unique ad for each any every keyword you have whether you have 100 or 3000 keywords.

Consistent Reporting
You'd best be sure that your PPC management company has very Consistent Reports sent to you on a regular basis. How else will you know what has been done to your AdWords campaigns or if they're even doing any work for you? I wouldn't dare let a company manage my AdWords campaigns if they didn't have consistent reporting to me so I could be sure I'm getting my money's worth of work.

Proof of Continuous Education
Are you aware that the PPC world is always changing? Just like the rest of the internet world the PPC world is consistently becoming more and more advanced. This means that as AdWords experts we have to continually adapt and change our strategies in order to stay on top of the AdWords game. You need to be 100% sure that your PPC management company is not slacking off when it comes to being extremely knowledgeable about new PPC technology and new PPC techniques.

As co founder of AbsolutelyDominate.com I personally am involved in several coaching clubs and continuing education programs from the world's best internet and PPC experts. Finding a company that invests time and money into continuing education is so important. Make sure you find a PPc management company that invests heavily in continuous education!

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