My Pay Per Click Management Secrets Exposed!

Google AdWords ads or pay per click advertising must have caused more joy and gloom throughout the internet marketing world than just about anything else. By employing the right pay per click management program the 'I wish I were dead' moments would be far less frequent.

Market research,organizing a list of relevant keywords, writing the ads and getting them uploaded to the web requires a lot of work. Paying for clicks before organizing a systematic approach to determine how you should bid can lead to a very large hole being burnt into the credit card !

While your ads should now be making an appearance on Google's pages are they in the right position and are you overpaying every time they are clicked on ?

I will now describe my own method for opening the bidding on my keywords, this is the plan I use with all of my campaigns. This method works - well certainly for me - but I am not claiming that you will make money or that there are not other approaches out there that you may prefer.

I like to start my ppc campaign with around 100 to 200 ad groups, each containing two ads and just one keyword phrase (minimum two words) in it's three forms. Two ads enable you to find which gets the least clicks then replace it with another to try and beat the 'control' version.-The best performing ad is the 'control', the click through rate of which you are constantly trying to better with the second ad. Your keyword must be the headline of your ad and where it is more than twenty five characters long it will be substituted with a suitable phrase you have ready. I referred to the three versions of the keyword, these are "broad", [exact] and broad - which has no embellishments.

For my initial bid I enter two per cent of whatever I make on a sale - what am I talking about? Lets take a situation where my profit on a sale is $30, two per cent of that is sixty cents - my opening bid.

You will locate 'edit campaign settings' in your AdWords account - click on it. I sell only to the major English speaking countries so, using the option on this page, I opt for the USA, Canada, The UK, Australia and New Zealand. Switch off the 'content' option, put the ads on 'rotate' and set your daily budget. Remember, avoid sleepless nights, so set your budget at something you can easily afford.

With my ads in positions three to five I get all the clicks I need without paying out what those guys at one and two are. My method for achieving positions 3 to 5 and paying as little as possible for clicks will be detailed in a future article.

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