Roles And Responsibilities Of A Pay-Per-Click Manager

Pay-per-question website JustAnswer has crafted a stupendous success story using the pay-per-click advertising strategy deployed by Google AdWords to its advantage. It has notched up for itself an impressive customer base-about 15 million registered customers spread across 145 countries and has increased its AdWords expenditure by a staggering 266% from 2007 to 2008 hoping to reach out to more prospective customers. So would you also not like to harness the power of pay-per-click advertising and wring in profits for your business? For this you will need to secure the services of a pay-per-click manager, with the following expertise:

* Ability to understand the needs and goals of your business. A pay-per-click manager tries to understand the nature of your business, the goals you have set for your business, your competition, and the threats you should be wary of. This pre-campaign understanding is crucial for planning an advertising campaign that aligns to your marketing goals and thus ensures its success.

* Ability to conduct effective keyword research and grouping. A pay-per-click manager devises a keyword strategy only after he has identified the popularly searched-for root words and phrases that are relevant to your business, the terms that closely relate to your brand's image and personality, and their synonyms. He of course, does this after discussing with you to ensure that no relevant keywords are omitted.

* Ability to plan a pay-per-click advertising campaign. A Google AdWords manager devises a pay-per-click marketing strategy taking into account the findings derived from his pre-campaign analysis and also the objectives that the campaign is expected to fulfill. A manager also forecasts the budget involved in the campaign.

* Ability to write and review an advertisement test copy. A pay-per-click manager writes an advertisement copy using the keywords and grouping them in a way so as to optimize the advertisement. He also reviews an advertisement copy for its search engine friendliness. A manager also continuously monitors the performance of the advertisements and if required, modifies them to have greater impact on the search result pages.

* Ability to optimize the landing page to improve conversion rates. A pay-per-click manager optimizes the landing page so that your business website scores high conversion rates and also improves on the quality score.

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