The Best Pay-Per-Click Management Company – How to Find Them!

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1. The Best PPC Management Companies: Chop Shops?

PPC Management Companies like "Reach Local" and "Yodle" were created to have highly scalable/repeatable business models, which is great for their shareholders, but not necessarily for their customers.

Repeatable/scalable for them translates into impersonal and inflexible for you. These firms prey on the naivete of Yellow Pages advertisers. They specifically target small businesses with a presence in the Yellow Pages, since the utilization of this older (rapidly becoming extinct) form of advertising signals a lack of familiarity with newer and more effective forms of advertising such as internet marketing, and specifically pay-per-click advertising. This puts their sales reps, often former yellow pages salesman, in the enviable position of proverbially taking candy from a baby.

These "Chop Shops" know that they are able to offer these less sophisticated customers a lower quality of service and charge a higher price due to their ignorance of the market. They are not necessarily being dishonest or disingenuous, but rather just charging a higher price than others in the market for a less valuable service. The interesting thing is that PPC advertising is currently so inefficient at the local level that these chop chops are often still able to deliver positive ROI for their small business owner customers despite their poor PPC management techniques and overpricing. They are literally succeeding despite themselves! This does not mean you should use one of these firms, unless of course you don't mind paying more for less.

One of the biggest shortcomings of these "chop shops" is their total and complete inflexibility. Their product focus is so narrow that they are unable to make even minor changes for their customers, even if it would translate into a major improvement in the effectiveness of the campaign. An example would be the fact that they will not make ANY changes to their customers websites. They do not offer landing pages, which often have major positive impacts on the rate of site visitors converting to customers, or leads at the very least. They also do not currently have an offering related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or other internet marketing strategies like email marketing, making them less valuable as they are not a full-service, turnkey, internet marketing solution.

2. The Best Pay-Per-Click Management Companies: Computer Nerds?

One of the most common types of PPC management companies are "computer nerds". They won't come out and tell you they are computer nerds, the name of their company will most likely not have the term nerds included in it, but you will know pretty quickly if this is who you are dealing with. Computer nerds are not bad people, and they certainly do have their place. I use the term "tongue in cheek" as I have many close friends in this category. The good news is that they are typically a mild step up from the "chop shops" in terms of the ROI they can generate with the management of your PPC advertising campaign.

Computer nerds are not typically the greatest business minds, which means they often do not charge as much for their services, but their lack of experience and training in business makes them less than ideal to manage any form of marketing for your small business. Computer nerd PPC management companies typically evolve from tech support, computer repair, website design firms, or something non-marketing related. These type of companies typically became involved with pay-per-click management based on customer demand rather than their true interest, experience, or expertise. They often find that PPC is more profitable for them than their current business so they modify their shingle to include this in their list of services.

3. The Best Pay-Per-Click Management Companies: Business Minded Marketeers?

Imagine your online marketing presence being managed by an experienced, successful, small business owner like yourself. Imagine a PPC management company that learns about your business, your customers, and your competitors, and then tailors a custom online marketing program specifically for your small business and your budget. These companies are rare, very rare!, but they do exist. So how does one find such a company?

One of the best ways to find a business minded marketeer to manage you small business's PPC advertising campaign starts with an interview. When you are interviewing PPC management companies you will want to query the ownership of the firms to determine their marketing experience, and specifically their online sales & marketing experience in the context of small business. Have they run their own small business before? What did they do to market that business online? Also, looks for companies that have the terms you are looking for in their URL. If you are looking for "the best internet marketing company", look for companies that have the terms, best, internet, marketing, and company included in the name of their company's website.

Is your small business having trouble finding the Best Pay Per Click Management []? Following the tips in this article is a great first step in finding the Best PPC Management Company.

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